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2GHz Relocation Project efforts

The FCC-mandated [BAS] 2GHz Relocation project is sweeping through the broadcast nation.  Sprint Nextel and the FCC are already engaged in this project.  You should ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Are you eligible? (to be eligible you must be a BAS, CARS or LTTS broadcaster and have a valid 2GHz FCC license and equipment*)

  • Are you prepared to utilize your valuable internal resources on this project?  (You don't have to)

  • Would you like assistance? (We are experts on this project and can "ease the pain")

How can QComm help?  QComm will be of benefit to you by lifting the burden off your internal resources and by assisting you in meeting the market and station relocation timelines and goals. QComm is prepared to offer project management and integration services for all or part of your 2GHz Relocation Project.


At your request, the costs for QComm's PM&I Services can be included in your contract with Sprint Nextel and  you will be reimbursed for our services. QComm will not only benefit the broadcast community, by ensuring your relocation project is handled efficiently, effectively, and economically, and maintaining the highest professional standards, but will also benefit Sprint Nextel by assisting its teams in meeting the FCC-mandated timelines and budgetary constraints.   As part of the FCC relocation requirements, the QComm Project Management and Integration Services (PM&I Services) can be added as a budgeted item in your Frequency Relocation Agreement (contract) with Sprint Nextel.  This means there is virtually no cost to you.

What QComm will do for you:

  • Ensure minimum disruption (we realize you have a business to run) 
  • Prepare your inventory (in the proper required format)
  • Load inventory into Sprint Nextel's Online Database
  • Work with you to select the appropriate equipment manufacturer of your choice and obtain the required equipment and labor quotes
  • Interface directly with Sprint Nextel on your behalf 
  • Direct outside vendors (tower climbers, other integrators, etc.)
  • Coordinate internal resources
  • Meet Sprint Nextelís expectations and timelines (Mandated by FCC)
  • Free up your valuable internal resources
  • Manage and oversee the installation efforts
  • Provide access to lists of contacts and vendors
  • Handle post-relocation closeout actions and procedures; to include return of replaced equipment, final submission for reimbursements
  • Facilitate hands-on training on new equipment
  • Ensure comparable replacement assessment for your equipment and systems so you get "comparable facilities" as mandated by the FCC 

Learn More:

Ensure you are ready for the relocation to the FCC's new band plan in your market...be prepared to meet the strict milestones and tight timeline...call QComm today.  We will be pleased to address any questions you may have regarding the Relocation Project.  Our staff are experts on this project and will guide your organization through the entire project, minimizing risk and exposure to your organization.   

QComm is the premier industry leader in microwave relocation issues and has been working with industry leaders for over nine years. 

QComm is prepared to assist you with your relocation requirements immediately.  Click here for more information.  Contact us today.

* Please contact us for a full explanation of the 2GHz Relocation Project eligibility criteria



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