QComm Stands for Quality Behind the Scenes.
QComm Stands for Quality Behind the Scenes.

QCOMM - is pleased to offer a Full Spectrum of REPACK services to the LPTV community:

  • Form 2100– Schedule 399 preparation
  • 399- Eligibility Certification – FCC REJECTION SUPPORT -NEW for LPTV and Translators
  • System (Site) Audit and Inventory for FCC 399
  • System transition plan, engineering and cost analysis
  • Project Management – Field, vendor and FCC reimbursement
  • New System Installation, Integration, and Testing
  • Decommissioning and Demo of Legacy equipment
  • Interim Solutions, Engineer, Design, PM and Installation – Case by Case FCC approval required!
  • Field Services Studies - Coverage Verification – Near/Far and Contour- Drone and/or old school

75- REPACK transmitters! 

QComm has: Engr, PM, Installed, Decomm and Turned Up for: 


All on time and with 100% reimbursement.

We would be honored to work with you and your team! Call today!


  • Quincy Media,
  • Nexstar
  • Tribune
  • Sagamore Hill,
  • Cox
  • PBS,
  • TCT,
  • CBS,
  • Gray,
  • Sinclair


FCC WEB HELP PAGE - PRIMER for Broadcasters  

8-15-19 PUBLIC NOTICE - 60 day NOTICE! GO!



Our Repack Services are 100% Reimbursable:

1.      399, RFAS and 387, 1876-Administering and Processing for Reimbursement

2.      Project Management -On-Site Vendor Mgmt and all office activities

3.      Engineering and Design

4.      Site Survey

5.      Transmitter Site Prep

6.      Installation-Transmitter and components

7.      System Integration

8.        Decommissioning and Disconnect Existing Transmitter – 

9.      Disconnect Existing Interior RF components 

10.    Coverage Verification Field Services-RF Tests –Performance testing


With QCOMM's 100% REIMBURSEMENT GUARANTEE* it Pays to put 80 years of Broadcast experience to work for you...

QComm only gets paid what you are reimbursed.



QComm has been in the FCC RELOCATION business since 1997!







Full Power, Translator and LPTV!

Single Station or Group

Al A Carte or Start to Finish



We can help make your repack smooth and make sure your project is processed in a manner to reach your project goals and maximize your repack project reimbursements.





QCommunications is GatesAir  -Certified,


QComm is proud to be part of the inaugural ULXTE/UAXTE qualification team.


DON'T DELAY!!! Reserve your install CREW TODAY!

Resources are limited!

987 FP transmitters and ~2,000 LPTV with less than 12 months = Reserve your crew today!

John and I would like to start working with you on scheduling our resources so that you can meet your FCC PHASE deadlines.



We really need to be at your transmitter site today to make sure you get the correct installation!


We work with groups and single station owners NATIONWIDE so don't delay.

GUARANTEE your crew today.


* Reimbursable guarantee - QComm will return or void any potion of a QComm invoice that the FCC makes a final determination to be non-eligible for reimbursement. QComm must be given the opportunity to work with the client’s reimbursement team and the FCC on any RFAS to adequately convey the reimbursability of any  QComm services  before the invoice is rejected to quality for the refund. 


GO! Like 987  TV Stations you received the channel reassignment PN on 4/13/17 from the FCC.  You now have until 7/12/17 to submit a Form 2100, Sched-399 to budget the costs of the relocation project as part of construction permit application.


You have a couple of options to comply with the FCC:

  1. You complete the project utilizing the stations internal resources for this major time consuming 12-18 mth effort.
  2. You retain a company such as QComm to PM the transition, at NO cost to the station.

We feel your pain. Let us assist in making this a smooth transition for you and your team. 


Similar to the Sprint/Nextel 2GHz BAS Relocation Project, stations are doing all they can to maintain and operate their facilities at peak performance and generally do not have the extra internal resources to dedicate to this even more intrusive transition from channel to channel without jeopardizing the quality of operations during the project. 69 stations utilized QComm  in the Sprint/Nextel 2GHz Relocation Project and found this to be the best way to maximize station resources while attaining the station and FCC’s goals.



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