QComm Stands For Quality Behind the Scenes.
QComm Stands For Quality Behind the Scenes.


QCommunications is GatesAir Qualified Certified, and Bona Fide to

INSTALL and COMMISSION all GatesAir transmitters.


QComm is proud to be part of the inaugural ULXTE/UAXTE qualification training GatesAir conducted at the Quincy plant in November.


QComm now has multiple crews working to install and commission transmitters.

DON'T DELAY!!! Reserve your install CREW TODAY!


987 transmitters in less than 30 months means Resources are limited! Reserve your crew today. John and I would like to start working with you on scheduling our resources so that you can meet your FCC PHASE deadlines.



We really need to be at your transmitter site today to make sure you get the correct installation!


We work with groups and single station owners NATIONWIDE so don't delay.

GUARANTEE your crew today.


We reviewed over 300 399 submittals and found that nearly all overlooked these necessary services. Let us show you how to add these and more to your 399 today.


Short list of other Repack services currently available:

1.       Project Management -EST 300-1,000 hours

2.       Decommissioning and Disconnect Existing Transmitter – EST cost -$25,000

3.       Disconnect Existing Interior RF components  EST cost -$25,000

4.       Site Survey  – EST cost -$25,000

5.       Field Services-RF Tests –PREDETERMINED EST – $80,000

6.     Transmitter Site preparation – EST - $5,000


GO! Like 987  TV Stations you received the channel reassignment PN on 4/13/17 from the FCC.  You now have until 7/12/17 to submit a Form 2100, Sched-399 to budget the costs of the relocation project as part of construction permit application.


You have a couple of options to comply with the FCC:

  1. You complete the project utilizing the stations internal resources for this major time consuming 12-18 mth effort.
  2. You retain a company such as QComm to PM the transition, at NO cost to the station.

We feel your pain. Let us assist in making this a smooth transition for you and your team. All of our PM's are Chief's!


Similar to the Sprint/Nextel 2GHz BAS Relocation Project, stations are doing all they can to maintain and operate their facilities at peak performance and generally do not have the extra internal resources to dedicate to this even more intrusive transition from channel to channel without jeopardizing the quality of operations during the project. 69 stations utilized QComm  in the Sprint/Nextel 2GHz Relocation Project and found this to be the best way to maximize station resources while attaining the station and FCC’s goals.


By offering the following options to our clients, QComm wants to make sure that each station is prepared for which ever option they accept or maybe encumbered with via the FCC repack:


  • Form 2100– Schedule 399 preparation
  • System Audit
  • System transition plan, engineering and cost analysis
  • Project Management
  • New System Installation, Integration, and Testing
  • Decommissioning of Legacy equipment
  • Post install system testing
  • RF Engineering and Field services
  • Interim Solutions, Engineer, Design, PM and Installation
  • Impact Study
  • DTV MEdical Notificatoins
  • Studio and Production Control transitions


QComm would like to offer our services to your station.  By obtaining a quote from QComm, and putting it into your Sched– 399 submittal, the station can retain these services at a later date if the station finds the need for them. The costs of our services are 100% covered as part of the forced channel relocation. By budgeting the money now in the Sched-399 it gives the station greater flexibility with their budget later on as the station progress through the transition.   


Please feel free to contact us, and we will provide you with whichever services the station will need to smoothly negotiate this forced relocation project.

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