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QCommunications is composed of experts working in broadcast since 1961 and telecommunications since 1997


QCommunications & 
QForce Associates

QCommunications is a group of experts who have worked in telecommunications since 1997. Since its founding in 2006, QComm has participated in a broad variety of programs, providing clients with extensive support and quality services. We have helped members of broadcast providers and numerous vendors transition the frequencies on over 300 TV stations. Our work in the Repack program established a productive working relationship with the FCC, where we hold a seat in a Working Group promoting security, reliability, and interoperability of open radio access network equipment to the Communications Security, Reliability, and Interoperability Council (CSRIC) VIII.


Prior to establishing QComm Tony zumMallen served on the Sprint/Nextel 2GHZ team to relocate the stations. Tony QComm to work with broadcasters to ensure that the stations maximized the benefits of the Sprint/Nextel 2GHZ deal as per the FCC requirements. Their teams continue accumulating greater reimbursement results for Rip & Replace clients than those companies are able to achieve on their own.


QComm recently expanded after recognizing the need for more accurate and robust signal verification, adding our Veteran-owned and -operated QForce Airborne Division. This expansion enabled us to now offer comprehensive field studies and measurement solutions with the use of American-made unmanned aerial systems (UASs).


Partnering with QCommunications provides incredible advantages than other large-scale telecom vendors simply can’t compete with. Not only is our staff comprised of specialists in both the telecom and broadcast industries, but we also provide expertise in obtaining reimbursement through forced relocation programs and the personal touch of a small business.


Our depth of experience in forced relocation programs stems from our decades-long involvement in supporting broadcast station owners. However, our staff also includes titans in the telecom industry, with more than 90 years of cumulative experience working with a variety of telecom practitioners, carriers, vendors and tower owners. This includes organizing and managing construction projects, spearheading the use of drones in telecom, as well as consulting for several telecom giants.

The breadth of expertise QCommunications has in the telecom industry is unmatched. If you have concerns about creating a roadmap for Rip & Replace that will be quick, efficient, and involve minimal service interruptions, QCommunications will offer unparalleled service and support.

Small Business Approach

Unlike some of the massive vendors you may be considering, QCommunications is proud to offer a catered approach with a small-business mentality. Our small staff of dedicated team members means your needs and your concerns will be quickly and efficiently addressed.


We’re serious when we say, “While you focus on your business, we focus on your project.” Our team integrates into your workflow and systems, so while your efforts stay on the day-to-day operations of your business, QCommunications is able to dive into the specifics of your project.

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Tony zumMallen
President, CEO

816-729-1177 | TONY@QCOMM.TV

Tony, prior to QComm, participated in all FCC auction relocation efforts since 1997 and started QCommunications as an engineering and tower services company for the carriers. He has negotiated and managed the replacement/decommissioning of ~500 microwave paths while participating in the PCIA relocation working group for Sprint and Nextel and other carriers. Tony has served as VP and President of multiple medium sized regional tower companies as well as owned and operated services companies in the broadcast and telecommunication industry. As a proverbial “Rocket Scientist,” Tony holds an Aeronautical Engineering degree from ASU, and used those studies in the aerospace industry until 1997.

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