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QCommunication's Aerial Drone Service Division


QForce specializes in using unmanned aerial vehicle technologies to provide efficient, accurate and cost-effective measurement solutions. The Airborne Division utilizes proven signal verification and coverage mapping technology to capture the characterizations of antenna systems. This system allows measurements of Horizontal Radiation Patterns (HRP), Vertical Radiation Patterns (VRP), Effective Radiated Patterns (ERP), polarization discriminations and many other specific modulation parameters while providing overall uncertainties in the order of 1-2dB. QComm’s Airborne Division is a SixArm certified operator within the United States.

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QForce Routine Maintenance Program allows our customers to always be in the know of how their systems are performing. We capture base line data which is then used to compare against future validation of signal strength and performance. Our maintenance programs include:

  • Yearly thermals

  • Yearly PV / CV

  • Yearly visual inspection

insurance benefits **

Pattern Verification

For each pattern or frequency, the corresponding verification is able to determine the accuracy and precision, and whether any alterations are required.

coverage verification

Multiple flights in orbital coverage area determine strength and infiltration of signal.

thermal imaging

Thermal video feed assists in detection of nitrogen gas leaks, electric resistance in lines, etc.

3d Mapping

Generate a 3D image of your tower or dish to easily inspect without risk to tower climbers.

solar panel
field inspection

Inspect large arrays quickly and easily to identify anomalies, get actionable insights, and improve PV system performance.


Imaging technology that senses infrared radiation to recognize differences in the heat signatures of electrical components and the surrounding background.

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